Artfuse is a web-based platform and marketplace especially built to serve the creative industries; a platform that connects the world of creative talent to a user base, across different creative disciplines.

On the one side, Artfuse enables creatives to showcase and sell their creative products and services. On the other side, Artfuse offers users and customers a seamless way to browse, discover and eventually buy creative work through a reliable and user friendly online platform. Artfuse creates a win- win for everyone who uses it.

We are currently focused on mapping out artists and creatives within the creative clusters of New York State, including the Finger Lakes Region, the Hudson Valley and the New York City areas.

Our platform is currently in Beta and we are constantly working to improve it. We welcome any form of feedback so we know what you think. Behind the scenes, the Creative Team at Artfuse collects all feedback in order to improve the platform.

Artfuse Introduction Video