Artfuse is a web application that puts street performers on the map using check-ins and event creation. Signup is free and so is creating an artist account. We are currently live in New York City only, but are looking to expand to other cities as soon as we can. We currently offer basic functionalities such as profiles, check-in, event creation, and online donations.
At Artfuse, we believe that creativity is the single most important quality that humans have. Everyday we strive to put creativity and cultivation in the front and center of our society. Street performance and street art are a great way to reach as many people as possible, in a democratic, non-selective way. That is why we do what we do.
Joining Artfuse as a performing artist is very easy. You can create an account for free by signing up via the ‘Start’ button, and then switch your account settings to ‘I’m an artist’ in settings. You can then start checking into locations however you like.
Artfuse provides an easy way to discover street performers in real-time. On our web application you will be able to see which performing artists are checked in and what events are coming up in your area. You can follow them, message them, share them and donate to them. It’s a way to increase your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those who you love.
Artfuse is using Stripe for payments. As soon as your payment information is safely stored in your Stripe account, it becomes very seamless to donate to a performer or receive a donation from a passerby. You can easily set it up on the Settings page. Artfuse takes a 10% commission out of every transaction. With this money, we continue building a better product for our users. At Artfuse, we a convinced that if this platform does not work for you, it does not work at all.
Sponsoring a performer has never been easier. You may send the performer a message and include your proposal. The artist will then get back to you. In case you are looking to partner with Artfuse, you may fill out or contact form and we will get back to you.